Coffee Fueled Creativity

Gah! Where do I even start?

I have been looking forward to the relaunch of my blogging career for so long, and I have so much I want to share! It all wants to come spilling out at once, in one tangled, garbled mess.

But let’s back up a bit, shall we? What, exactly, am I relaunching? Well, my blogging life started out with several mismatched blogs. Second Time Around – my weight loss journey, Life of a Homeschool Mom – exactly that, Coffee, God, and Gardening – my marital discord and struggles with my faith, Changing Journey – my escape from an abusive marriage and rediscovery; that just names a few. As you can maybe guess, these were all self-journaling blogs. While they all served their purpose in their own time of my life, they each faded away and left the desire for something more. Something people could actually read and take a tidbit away from. Yes, with the others I had my pod; my followers and my select few who religiously hit “like” or commented words of encouragement or agreement. I suppose I outgrew the hopeless need to share my traumas with whoever would listen. Because at the time, that’s what it was. Blogging was the last place that I felt I had a voice.

Until things changed and I took back my life.

Now I want to share my triumphs! I want to share that fantastic recipe I nailed the other night. Or that trip to the neighboring town that turned out to be a hidden gem. Ooo, and that really cool DIY hack I tried! What about how I’m managing midlife and all of the “fun” changes that come with it? Not to mention discovering that I had curly hair at 43, and then learning how to style those curls! I want to share my knowledge and create a community of like minded women in the process.

Midlife can be tough! Hormone changes, fashion changes (new trends and the societal constraints of what is considered appropriate for 40+ women), body changes (discretely tucks muffin-top into the waistband of yoga pants)…..they’re all hard ones to navigate. Some more than others, and others more-so for some women. We all need to stick together and encourage each other.

And our tools? My preference is coffee. Lots of coffee. Maybe a bit of wine from time to time. Laughter IS the best medicine, because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Knowledge is key. I’ll share what I’ve learned and you add your two cents in the comments. And that’s how we’ll create the ultimate game-changer…..Community!

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